From Mardi Gras to Pollys Social Club

Original 78 protest

It was a cold night in June 1978 when Sydney’s Queer history changed forever. Join me at the 39th anniversary walking tour, following the steps of some of the original Sydney Mardi Gras protesters.

You can learn more about the 78ers and friends by joining their Page at 78ers and Friends

We have breaking news out of Germany where their lawmakers have voted in favour of marriage equality. The move was only made possible because leader Angela Merkel allowed a conscious vote.

And the Pollys Social Club is experiencing a resurgence of sorts. Get ready for their next dance night, ‘The Farmer wants a Drag Queen’. I chat to secretary Paul Doig about why the club is still going strong more than 40 years after the first dance.

Reserve a table for the next Pollys dance at Pollys website

Next week… is the handkerchief code making a comeback?

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