Art on the walls and in the back pocket

Lisa Tolcher and John Kerrison

Be sure to get along to Resonance at the ESD Gallery on Burton Street. Curator Lisa Tolcher is exhibiting several works that look at gender theory and how we communicate who we should be through colour.

Has Facebook gone crazy for you? Yes, everyone’s RSVPing to next year’s Mardi Gras parade. We talk to Matt Akersten about why there’s so much buzz so early. Make sure you find the right page.

Bentstix hockey club is going strong again this year. How you can get involved, dress up, and raise money for our favourite hockey players. Find their fundraiser here.

And do you know the hanky code? Find about this underground code and find out how to wear your colours. But be warned, I wore a hanky up and down Oxford street only to be asked if I had a bad cold. Thanks to the team at Sax Fetish for explaining all.

See you next week.

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