Let’s get married so we can go to Bingay

players at bingay

Marriage equality never left the agenda for LGBTQ people, but it’s back in the news in Australia.

Are there signs of a significant policy change that could see the coalition introduce a conscience vote as early August this year? I chat with the Australians for Marriage Equality CoChair, Alex Greenwich to get a better handle of what could happen next in Canberra.

This is a great link in The Guardian that explains the politics around the marriage equality standoff.

The AFL Pride Match between the Sydney Swans and St Kilda is fast approaching. The AFL says the game is about celebrating the diversity of its fans. The Rainbow Swans have full event details.

The Gay Games in Paris currently have a deal for registrations. I chat to Team Sydney about what you need to do to get to Europe next year! Start training.

There’s kooky and serious this week.

Bingay is a Sydney institution that’s raised about $1Million for ACON over the last 18 years. Why do so many people love it so much? Come along and find out. Upcoming Bingay nights are usually listed at ACON events.

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