How to be a wingman for your gay mates

Kylie Minogue

This show looks at both ends of the spectrum. From the critical discussion around mental health for LGBTQ communities, to a little bit of Kylie Minogue.

The Beyond Blue organisation has launched a series of online conversation starters called Wingmen resources. It’s a series of tips about how to talk to a friend experiencing depression or anxiety.

Meet Craig Mack who shares a deeply personal account of experience with depression, anxiety and self-harm. He’s currently well, and campaigning to help others.

You can find the Beyond Blue Resources here:

In the news this week, keep an eye out for new jobs being advertised by Pride in Diversity. Have you got what it takes become a relationships manager, making big business more welcoming for LGBTQ employees? Check out the role here:

I mentioned a great ready by Amy Coopes about the recent LBQ Women’s conference in Sydney. The gathering hightlighted strengths in women’s research but also debated voids in services and funding. Amy’s piece is a great summary. Read it at Croakey here:

And then join me and Tina TurnOn as we rave and flap about why we love Kylie Minogue. Locomotion turns 30 next week. We should be so lucky. Show Tina some love on Facebook here

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