Welcome to a new summer series

It’s fabulous to be be back for a summer series of Out in Sydney. I’ll be bringing you a bunch of new episodes at least until Mardi Gras 2022.

In this kick off episode I speak to Kate Wickett, the CEO of Sydney World Pride 2023. Some people have said that World Pride will be Mardi Gras rebranded. While that’s not the case, the two organisations will be working closely together. Kate helps us understand the size and significance of the festival. Find out how you can be involved.

Discover World Pride Sydney here https://sydneyworldpride.com

Also, I profile Suzy Wrong who’s an actor, blogger and theatre critic. Suzy is an inspiration for Sydney creatives and campaigns for more representation across stage and screen. Suzy tells us about her leading role in the SBS show Hungry Ghosts, and Suzy appeals for a new generation of writers. 

Visit Suzy’s website at https://suzygoessee.com

Out in Sydney is about lots of things but it’s mainly a celebration of the LGBT+ community in Sydney. If you’re planning to be take part in Mardi Gras, I’d love to profile groups getting ready to take part. 

Also, get your hands on a copy of Detransition Baby by Torrey Peters. Let’s climb into a book that’s both good fun but invites us to see the world a little differently. Support the Queer bookshop on Oxford Street, The Darlinghurst Bookshop at https://www.thebookshop.com.au

We’ll circle back to the book and its themes in future episodes. 

Links and shownotes at https://outinsydney.show 

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