About the show

Out in Sydney is a fun and informative weekly podcast for the LGBTQ community. We’re now on iTunes

Out in Sydney logoOut in Sydney will look at current events, introduce you to movers and shakers, and get you out of the closet and the house. The podcast is about the stories that make you feel like you belong, regardless of where you identify on the great wide gender spectrum.

Listen to the Out in Sydney pilot above where I take you to the Mardi Gras 78ers protest at the Russian Consulate in Sydney to highlight the torture and abuse of gay men in Chechnya. Come along to the FrontRunners open day, and hear from Trans activist Nevo Zisin in this pilot episode.

I’m now in the progress of researching and recording Out in Sydney for series run beginning in July to at least December 2017. To make this show work, I’m looking to interview the characters and leaders in the LGBTIQ movement. I’d love to feature more artists, including musicians trying to break it into the market.

The podcast is an independent production by me. I have a full time role as a social media manager in government so any necessary declarations or conflicts of interest will be in each broadcast or listed here. To the degree possible, Out in Sydney is completely independent of my professional duties.

The music in each episode is played under licence from APRA, Audio Jungle or with written permission from the artist.

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