About the show

Out in Sydney is in pre-production for a Summer season in 2021

Out in Sydney is a podcast about the stories that make you feel like you belong, regardless of where you identify on the great, wide gender or sexuality spectrum.

The show is a celebration of diversity in Sydney.

What does it mean to lead a bold and fearless life as part of the queer communities in Sydney? This show makes an effort to explore that question.

A five episode run was released in 2017. The podcast is set for a new Summer series in 2021. I’ll interview the characters and leaders in the LGBTIQ movement with a release about every two to three weeks to Sydney Mardi Gras 2022.

All declarations of potential conflicts of interest including any paid partnerships will be listed on this page.

Out in Sydney content is not related to my full time role. Any views shared in the podcast are personal and not on behalf of any organisation or entity.

The music in 2017 episodes was included under licence from APRA, Audio Jungle, or with written permission from the artist.

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